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Giving men’s fashion a shot in the arm

The Eversbrook range of menswear was created to provide formal and leisure garments, all made in the UK.

The range is based on Victorian style, combined with modern materials and manufacturing processes. We wanted to capture the Victorian era when people wore a suit for every occasion, formal and informal.

England has such a rich history of suiting we decided that it was time to create a UK brand that is designed and made here.  The majority of our fabric is also made in the UK.

The man behind Eversbrook

Jay Bull has run his own company before – but launching a fashion line is a new experience.

“It’s a big jump from Electrical Contracting, but I have always been interested in fashion; I’m fascinated by how it evolves.”

Jay decided to learn more about his hobby and embarked on a formal course in fashion. The tutor, David Jones, has become a friend and mentor; his 40 years’ experience in the fashion industry has been invaluable. David has helped Jay to source the right materials, designers and manufacturers who would help his vision become reality.

The range of menswear has extended beyond the suit into shirts and leisure wear – and wearing these unique items of clothing has to be experienced to understand just how different they are.


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