Why Wear Chinos?

It’s time to ditch your jeans and get yourself a pair of chinos.

Chinos fit in a way to compliment every shape and size. They’re not too tight and not too baggy. The perfect fit to go with every outfit for every occasion.

Neutral colours are always the best choice for chinos. That way, they look smart and stylish and can go with practically anything you may own. Here at Eversbrook you can pick from different shades of blue, brown and grey. With these colours and with the style of chinos, you are able to look grown up, sophisticated and high fashion.

They are the in between for suit pants and jeans. They can be worn on a casual day and then again for a day in work or an important event. There is no saying where chinos aren’t suitable. Like the blazer, they are an extremely versatile garment and every designer wardrobe should contain at least one pair. Eversbrook chinos are guaranteed quality, handmade here in the UK. They come with a promise of care.

They are a must-have designer item.

So, if you’re in need of a pair of trousers and aren’t sure what to get your hands on, here lies your answer.

Wondering how to wear them?

Pop a pair of trainers on with them and a casual t-shirt and you’re ready for an easy day. Try them with a pair of loafers and a fitted shirt and you’ve got the perfect outfit for a night out. And when it comes to the office? Stick a blazer over the top of a shirt and slide on your smart office shoes. The easiest, most fashionable and sophisticated pair of trousers you could probably find yourself.

Take a look at our men’s fitted shirts to make sure you get the full look.

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