Continuing from last week’s post, I caught up with our  model from our recent shoot, Earl Ramsey. He’s worked with Eversbrook before, so it wasn’t his first time shooting with the designer menswear brand. This time, he appears wearing our UK made blazers in The Mews, a bar in Southend near to the pier. The contrast of the beach and our beautifully made, elegant blazers and chino’s really helps you see the detail and true luxury of them.

“Stylish, professional designs with attention to detail” is how model, Earl Ramsey describes Eversbrook’s clothing range. Our handmade blazers are made perfectly, just for you – a perfectly tailored fit.

I spoke further to Ramsey, to get a feel for the shoot and his surroundings on the day. “We started at around 7am in the Mews, the owner met us there so we could use the inside and outside to get some lifestyle type shots with the various outfits.  We did multiple changes and got a great selection of photos, the place had a great aesthetic style, rustic, almost European I’d say.”

The team were lucky with the weather that day as well. The sun was shining for them and getting sunnier as the day went on. Always great for a shoot on the beach.

“After wrapping the shoot in The Mews, we headed out to the pier. Jay’s brother being a professional cameraman (Jay being CEO of Eversbrook) joined us to get some short videos. We got a few cool videos at the top of pier hill, then plenty more along the pier itself.” Don’t fret! These images can be seen very soon.

“The place had a great aesthetic style, rustic, almost European I’d say.”

After getting some photos and videos, the team still continued making the most of the sunny day.

Southend Pier on a summers day.

“We met along the seafront so we could get some shots on the beach with some photogenic beach huts in the background.  We did more casual photos here without the blazers, showing off the fitted shirts and chinos.”

The shoot finished at around midday. Everyone seemed happy with the results so the day was a success. They managed to fit in a lot of photos and videos, so expect that glorious morning sun as well as the midday peak when the sun is at it’s best in our photos.

“We are all really excited to see the results. I very much enjoy working with Eversbrook and cannot wait to see the success of the shoot and the business as a whole!”

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