House of Solo magazine is seeing global success. Currently working on its 4th issue, the glossy mag is seeing guests such as so solid crew feature on its pages. We spoke to editor-in-chief and producer of the magazine, Abeiku Arthur to get the low down on the fashion industry and how suits are holding up out there.

How did you get in to fashion?

As a dancer, I was into urban fashion as we all had individual styles for what kind of dancing we did. I was into street dance and break dance which both had a very similar style. After my dancing career came to an end, I went into fashion photography.

How did you get to starting up your own magazine?

I was just working on a magazine project and it went viral and started to get a lot of interest internationally. That’s when I realised it was no longer a project but a company. I knew after university I wanted to work for a publication but never thought it would be my own.

How are you finding it?

It is very exciting experience but at the same time very stressful as I am new to this industry and I have set the magazine a certain standard that I need to try and keep. You need the right attitude to do this job as things can get a bit too much sometimes and you might feel like giving up sometimes, like every job.

Have you seen a rise in men’s fashion since working in the industry?

Yes there has been a raise in men’s fashion in the last 5 years. Men like to look good for events and there is more male bloggers and male fashion designers than there used to be.

Do you think suits will always be classic or do you think they will die out one day?

Haha Suits will never die out. Suits are like the go to fashion style for businessmen and is also a formal wear in the western culture. And there are more and more designers starting their own collection of suits.

How do you find getting clothes in for men’s shoots difficult compared to women’s?

Well is not difficult as such because there are more options for men’s clothing. Maybe 5 years ago it was but you have nike, adidas, puma and abc all collaborating with designers to urban fashion wear for both men and women.

Do you ever use suits on shoots?

Yes we do if an artist (singer or band) wants to wear one, but definitely for models if we have a male shoot.

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