A step by step guide every suave man should follow to suit up, sharp. It may not be as easy as you think.

1. Undershirts.
If you sweat a lot then these are a must – especially in the hot weather we are having. Just make sure yours has a deep kneck and is a light colour. You don’t want people seeing this as part of your suit.

2. Socks
If you’re going sophisticated, ensure your socks are long enough to cover your ankles when you’re sitting down. You won’t want people seeing your ankles poking out. However, if you’re going down the edgy root, having your ankles on show is a popular look right now, especially with a pair of boat shoes and skinny fitting trousers.

3. Picking a shirt.
A fitted shirt is the best option when going under a suit. You want something fitted and easy to tuck in to your trousers – keep it neat and tidy. Make sure to browse Eversbrook’s men’s fitted shirts. Their unique design contours and compliments your body.

4. Ties.
Always make sure your tie is darker than your coloured shirt. You don’t’ want it blending it or going unnoticed. And then you need to decide between a thick tie or a thin tie. A thick tie gives a more traditional look, whereas a thin tie is considered and modern – it really depends on the look you’re going for. Or maybe you’d rather not have a tie – sometimes a simple look is more effective.

5. Trousers
Whatever kind of trousers you pick can completely change your look. One pointer, though: don’t wear baggy trousers. They will completely ruin your sleek, sharp look, making your suit look lazy. If you’re going for suit trousers, make sure to get them fitted for you especially – like here at Eversbrook. Every suit here is tailored personally for you here in the UK.

Or perhaps you would rather a pair of chinos with your suit. They will give your look a more relaxed feel; less formal but still oozing with style. Make sure to stick to black, or the colour of your chosen blazer to avoid looking like a miss-match. If you’re feeling even less formal, a pair of skinny jeans can also do the trick. A more fashionable, modern look, rather than an old-fashioned, classic suit but can still show off your style depending on your preferred look.

Then you need to pick a belt to finish off the look. A thin belt is recommended and make sure to keep it the same colour as your shoes. Brown and blue are always a great combination. Or maybe a black belt with charcoal grey suit trousers, just like Eversbrook’s.

6. Waistcoat.
Not a must, but great for adding detail and giving off a traditional look. If you’re going to go down this route, make sure to match it to your blazer. You don’t want a black blazer with a grey waistcoat – sometimes clashing works, but in this case, it does not. More advice: always keep your bottom button undone, it looks smarter, giving it a better shape. Why not try Eversbrook’s blazers, that all come with matching waistcoats.

7. Blazer.
The most important part of the whole outfit is your blazer. It could make or break your whole ensemble. You could stick to the classic look of a solid colour of grey or black, keeping it simple yet sleek. Or you could go bolder and opt for a pattern, perhaps tartan or tweed. If you’re feeling edgy but not a fan of patterned blazers, there are always other colours you could opt for. For example, our Oxted Blazer in Burgundy. Stand out but still keep it stylish with our whole matching sets, or match a coloured blazer with a neutral coloured pair of trousers.

As well as the colour, the fit is extremely important, especially the shoulders. That’s why you should make every effort to get your suit fitted professionally, like at Eversbrook. You don’t want your shoulders looking too big as though you’ve borrowed your old mans jacket, or too small looking at though you’ve squeezed yourself in. You want to look fitted and sophisticated in a suit especially made to fit you.

8. Shoes.
The finishing touch. The colour, again, is just as important as the style. If you’re going for a blue suit, brown shoes (ensure you’re matching your belt) are a perfect combo. Follow this guide and you’ll be sure to make no mistakes.

Source: http://imgur.com/GYOyA

You can pick from brogues to boat shoes. But never trainers. You may think you’re pulling off an edgy style, breaking the rules. But that rule is there for a reason. Don’t ruin your perfect look with a pair of sneakers.

You’re all set. Now go out and enjoy your day with confidence.

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