Men’s fashion is growing and shows no signs of slowing down.

According to IBIS reports, growth in menswear has grown 17.4% between 2010 and 2015 and shows no signs of stopping, with them predicting an average sales growth of 14.2% in the years between 2015 and 2020.

Fashion has always been dominated by women, but we are witnesses to a big change in the business, as fashion-conscious men are seen to be outspending women. Especially when it comes to shoes – a big surprise to many people as shoes are stereotypically known for being loved by women.

Brief History

In 1994, the word metrosexual was coined together, used to describe men who groomed and cared about their appearance. The word was created as it was a rare thing for a man to obsess over fashion and the way they looked – it was seen as feminine.

Since then, menswear has come a long way. It has grown and grown and now most men will admit to grooming and caring about their appearance, as figures show.

It was a shock in the early 90’s, to see men who cared about their clothes, hair and overall appearance, but now it is a common thing to see and becomes more and more popular every day. Men’s clothes shops are booming and online sales are rapidly catching up with women’s.

Death of stereotypes

There’s always been the stereotype that women drag men around the shops. That men hate shopping and will stick any old t-shirt on. But perhaps with online shopping coming in to play, this is all changing.

For the men that hated walking around the shops, they can sit in the comfort of their own home and order. For the men that felt they had to follow society’s opinion: that men hate fashion, they can now order without the feeling of being judged.

Online shopping is a great opportunity for every man, no matter what their preferences. And it’s clearly making an impact as numbers are growing every year.

Menswear now

Men are seen to be shopping more than ever before; especially online. “Having shops online makes it so much easier. I found it an effort going out to pick out clothes so never really did. But now I pick my own clothes, all online. Life is easier now,” says Max Delaware.

With a growth in shopping, comes a growth in choice. As more people buy, more people are designing and creating online shops. You can buy off Instagram, Depop and Pintertest now. It’s hard to find somewhere where you can’t buy your favourite fashion pieces.

This all results in a wider choice of fashion for men.

Successful businesses are catching on to the phenomenon, like Eversbrook. They offer men’s fitted shirts, suit trousers, blazers and many other timeless classics.

Jay Bull, CEO of Eversbrook said: “According to Mintel, Menswear is set to reach £17.2 Billion by 2020 and online shopping is now easier than ever for men. This is good news for men’s fashion and great news for UK brands like Eversbrook.”

However, the blogging world and journalism classrooms are still dominated by females talking about fashion. Maybe this will take a turn and change. As 2017 seems to see more equilibrium in the world, maybe we will see even more of a growth for men in fashion.

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