As I was wondering around Chester on the day of the races, I noticed all sorts of suits and different styles parading through the centre of the city. These were the most popular looks at this season of races:

Blazer with jeans

Many men were pairing their blazers with jeans. This is an ideal way to follow the awkward ‘smart casual’ dress code. It’s a modern take on a classic suit, so if you’re a suave young man, not wanting to opt for the full suit, this is a go to combination. Pairing these Eversbrook men’s designer jeans with an Eversbrook UK made blazer is the perfect option.


Also, in every group of men, was one edgier suit. This ranged from a full on patterned suit to having one that wasn’t one of the classic colours – blue, black and grey. So, if you want to stand out within your group or fancy changing things up, go for this Eversbrook burgundy suit – with the matching suit trousers and waistcoat it’s a definite head turner.

Ditch that blazer

I noticed a lot of people had ditched the blazer. A simple white fitted shirt paired with grey suit pants was a popular look. It looks slick, smart and simple. With this combination, you can remain comfy and cool, no extra layers to worry about and no fuss.

Mens Fitted Shirts


Classic races

And of course, the full, classic suit was still seen everywhere. There is still no winner when it comes to dressing up smart. When a black, blue or grey full suit is all put together, waistcoat and all, you will look like the smartest, classiest man there. Make sure to get your suit fitted properly, like at Eversbrook, where everything is made to fit, personally for you. Don’t risk having baggy trousers, gathering around your shoes.


New Chinos in Light Blue


No matter what look you’re going for, it is essential to to have a proper fit. No wider shoulder pads, no baggy trousers and no shirts untucking all day.

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