Christmas Parties

Are you fretting over what to wear to your work’s Christmas party? Fret no more as Eversbrook are here as a helping hand.

Christmas is the best time to get yourself a brand new, designer suit. Whether it be for one of your many parties or as a treat to yourself this holiday season.

Our suits are handmade to perfection here in the UK; find yourself those dream suit pants, the ideal fitted shirt or the blazer you’ve been yearning for – and buy it this Christmas time.


Our fitted shirts are made in order to contour your body, complimenting your shape. The tight fit means there is no room for a baggy shirt untucking from your trousers all night, either, so you are set to go. Perfect with suit trousers and a great compliment to a designer pair of jeans, for a more casual look.


Our trousers are made to measure, so no need to worry about them not covering your ankles or drowning your shoes. And the same goes for our blazers. So don’t fret about your shoulders not fitting, or your shoulder pads resembling your mum’s from the 80’s, Eversbrook have you covered this Christmas time.


If you’re feeling like going all out this year, go for our Burgundy coloured suit. At Eversbrook, we have the matching blazer, trousers and waistcoat. Or if you’re a fan of the burgundy, but unsure about purchasing the whole suit, pair a white fitted shirt with the trousers for a subtle, yet festive feel.

Or perhaps you’d prefer a classier, simpler look. Opt for Charcoal. Charcoal has the same class as a black suit but adds more edge to your look. It will definitely get some heads turning at this years party.

When it comes to your suit, it’s important to get your shirt right.


Black trousers – Going for black trousers makes picking a colour a lot easier. You can experiment a lot more as every colour will pair well – maybe even go all out with a pattern.

Grey trousers – When it comes to grey trousers, a white shirt is always a classic. Avoid wearing a black one with grey and black trousers, however, as you may look like a member of staff (we’ve all been there – the classic “do you work here?”).

Light coloured trousers – Avoid wearing a light coloured shirt as to not clash. A dark coloured or again, patterned shirt will compliment your choice of trousers. If you have gone for the classic beige, then a dark blue shirt will always work well with this.

Blue trousers – A light blue shirt with dark blue suit pants is a go to look. You could even try the Apsley shirt with both colours in. This way, you will look co-ordinated but not like a block colour. It also compliment the shape of your body, contouring your finest parts.


There is nothing worse than a baggy top falling out of your trousers all day. To keep your smart, neat appearance up to scratch, make sure to get yourself a fitted shirt, like our Eversbrook designer fitted shirts. They naturally stay tight to your body, tucking in easily to your suit pants meaning you have a worry free day, knowing you look your very best.

Sleeve Length

Although, the long sleeve is the most classic and most popular look, there is still the short sleeved option. Of course, going for a long sleeved shirt gives you a more elegant, classy look enabling you to look sharp, confident and formal. But if you’re attending a more casual event or a summer wedding, for example, the short sleeve works just as well. If you’re confident with your arms, a tight fit will compliment you entirely.

And always remember the undervest – no see through shirts and no sweating through! With these key moves in mind, you’re set to look suave. Now get out and test it.

House of Solo magazine is seeing global success. Currently working on its 4th issue, the glossy mag is seeing guests such as so solid crew feature on its pages. We spoke to editor-in-chief and producer of the magazine, Abeiku Arthur to get the low down on the fashion industry and how suits are holding up out there.

How did you get in to fashion?

As a dancer, I was into urban fashion as we all had individual styles for what kind of dancing we did. I was into street dance and break dance which both had a very similar style. After my dancing career came to an end, I went into fashion photography.

How did you get to starting up your own magazine?

I was just working on a magazine project and it went viral and started to get a lot of interest internationally. That’s when I realised it was no longer a project but a company. I knew after university I wanted to work for a publication but never thought it would be my own.

How are you finding it?

It is very exciting experience but at the same time very stressful as I am new to this industry and I have set the magazine a certain standard that I need to try and keep. You need the right attitude to do this job as things can get a bit too much sometimes and you might feel like giving up sometimes, like every job.

Have you seen a rise in men’s fashion since working in the industry?

Yes there has been a raise in men’s fashion in the last 5 years. Men like to look good for events and there is more male bloggers and male fashion designers than there used to be.

Do you think suits will always be classic or do you think they will die out one day?

Haha Suits will never die out. Suits are like the go to fashion style for businessmen and is also a formal wear in the western culture. And there are more and more designers starting their own collection of suits.

How do you find getting clothes in for men’s shoots difficult compared to women’s?

Well is not difficult as such because there are more options for men’s clothing. Maybe 5 years ago it was but you have nike, adidas, puma and abc all collaborating with designers to urban fashion wear for both men and women.

Do you ever use suits on shoots?

Yes we do if an artist (singer or band) wants to wear one, but definitely for models if we have a male shoot.

As I was wondering around Chester on the day of the races, I noticed all sorts of suits and different styles parading through the centre of the city. These were the most popular looks at this season of races:

Blazer with jeans

Many men were pairing their blazers with jeans. This is an ideal way to follow the awkward ‘smart casual’ dress code. It’s a modern take on a classic suit, so if you’re a suave young man, not wanting to opt for the full suit, this is a go to combination. Pairing these Eversbrook men’s designer jeans with an Eversbrook UK made blazer is the perfect option.


Also, in every group of men, was one edgier suit. This ranged from a full on patterned suit to having one that wasn’t one of the classic colours – blue, black and grey. So, if you want to stand out within your group or fancy changing things up, go for this Eversbrook burgundy suit – with the matching suit trousers and waistcoat it’s a definite head turner.

Ditch that blazer

I noticed a lot of people had ditched the blazer. A simple white fitted shirt paired with grey suit pants was a popular look. It looks slick, smart and simple. With this combination, you can remain comfy and cool, no extra layers to worry about and no fuss.

Mens Fitted Shirts


Classic races

And of course, the full, classic suit was still seen everywhere. There is still no winner when it comes to dressing up smart. When a black, blue or grey full suit is all put together, waistcoat and all, you will look like the smartest, classiest man there. Make sure to get your suit fitted properly, like at Eversbrook, where everything is made to fit, personally for you. Don’t risk having baggy trousers, gathering around your shoes.


New Chinos in Light Blue


No matter what look you’re going for, it is essential to to have a proper fit. No wider shoulder pads, no baggy trousers and no shirts untucking all day.

A step by step guide every suave man should follow to suit up, sharp. It may not be as easy as you think.

1. Undershirts.
If you sweat a lot then these are a must – especially in the hot weather we are having. Just make sure yours has a deep kneck and is a light colour. You don’t want people seeing this as part of your suit.

2. Socks
If you’re going sophisticated, ensure your socks are long enough to cover your ankles when you’re sitting down. You won’t want people seeing your ankles poking out. However, if you’re going down the edgy root, having your ankles on show is a popular look right now, especially with a pair of boat shoes and skinny fitting trousers.

3. Picking a shirt.
A fitted shirt is the best option when going under a suit. You want something fitted and easy to tuck in to your trousers – keep it neat and tidy. Make sure to browse Eversbrook’s men’s fitted shirts. Their unique design contours and compliments your body.

4. Ties.
Always make sure your tie is darker than your coloured shirt. You don’t’ want it blending it or going unnoticed. And then you need to decide between a thick tie or a thin tie. A thick tie gives a more traditional look, whereas a thin tie is considered and modern – it really depends on the look you’re going for. Or maybe you’d rather not have a tie – sometimes a simple look is more effective.

5. Trousers
Whatever kind of trousers you pick can completely change your look. One pointer, though: don’t wear baggy trousers. They will completely ruin your sleek, sharp look, making your suit look lazy. If you’re going for suit trousers, make sure to get them fitted for you especially – like here at Eversbrook. Every suit here is tailored personally for you here in the UK.

Or perhaps you would rather a pair of chinos with your suit. They will give your look a more relaxed feel; less formal but still oozing with style. Make sure to stick to black, or the colour of your chosen blazer to avoid looking like a miss-match. If you’re feeling even less formal, a pair of skinny jeans can also do the trick. A more fashionable, modern look, rather than an old-fashioned, classic suit but can still show off your style depending on your preferred look.

Then you need to pick a belt to finish off the look. A thin belt is recommended and make sure to keep it the same colour as your shoes. Brown and blue are always a great combination. Or maybe a black belt with charcoal grey suit trousers, just like Eversbrook’s.

6. Waistcoat.
Not a must, but great for adding detail and giving off a traditional look. If you’re going to go down this route, make sure to match it to your blazer. You don’t want a black blazer with a grey waistcoat – sometimes clashing works, but in this case, it does not. More advice: always keep your bottom button undone, it looks smarter, giving it a better shape. Why not try Eversbrook’s blazers, that all come with matching waistcoats.

7. Blazer.
The most important part of the whole outfit is your blazer. It could make or break your whole ensemble. You could stick to the classic look of a solid colour of grey or black, keeping it simple yet sleek. Or you could go bolder and opt for a pattern, perhaps tartan or tweed. If you’re feeling edgy but not a fan of patterned blazers, there are always other colours you could opt for. For example, our Oxted Blazer in Burgundy. Stand out but still keep it stylish with our whole matching sets, or match a coloured blazer with a neutral coloured pair of trousers.

As well as the colour, the fit is extremely important, especially the shoulders. That’s why you should make every effort to get your suit fitted professionally, like at Eversbrook. You don’t want your shoulders looking too big as though you’ve borrowed your old mans jacket, or too small looking at though you’ve squeezed yourself in. You want to look fitted and sophisticated in a suit especially made to fit you.

8. Shoes.
The finishing touch. The colour, again, is just as important as the style. If you’re going for a blue suit, brown shoes (ensure you’re matching your belt) are a perfect combo. Follow this guide and you’ll be sure to make no mistakes.


You can pick from brogues to boat shoes. But never trainers. You may think you’re pulling off an edgy style, breaking the rules. But that rule is there for a reason. Don’t ruin your perfect look with a pair of sneakers.

You’re all set. Now go out and enjoy your day with confidence.

The time is nearly here: wedding season.

June – the sun is out and the days are longer, and weddings take the lime light.

You get your invitation, you book the day off work and now it’s time to find an outfit. Finding something to wear can either be an exciting or daunting task. But Eversbrook have everything you need and more – guaranteed to make people’s heads turn.

Men’s designer suits are the most classic and best answer to what to wear at weddings. They make every man look his best, complimenting every body shape, showing off your suave style. Feel even better in a designer suit – each one tailored here in the UK, especially for you.

Whether you like a classic suit or a piece with more edge, Eversbrook have you covered. The Oxted Blazer in Burgundy, as seen below, shows a bold, confident style. It goes perfectly with the matching Burgundy suit trousers.

Or perhaps the Oxted Blazer in Charcoal. The smoky colour is perfect to match with numerous amounts of fitted shirts. Try a blue one underneath to make it pop, or a simple white shirt to ooze your class.


Every blazer from Eversbrook comes with a matching waistcoat and trousers so you can mix and match every look you desire. Simply layering your suit with a waistcoat gives an outfit so much more depth. It can change an office look, to an outfit fit for a royal wedding. It’s all in the detail when it comes to suits – even the colour of your pocket square can make a difference. Take inspiration from the Eversbrook website to curate your own look.

Maybe you’re just wanting to wear a suit and tie. No worries – Eversbrook’s Carnaby fitted shirts are unlike any other. Rather than a plain shirt and suit trousers, these shirts can bring a wedding outfit alive. The accents and shadings on the shirts contour your body, as well as showing your attention to detail when it comes to fashion.

June is known for being one of the sunnier months in Britain (but no doubt, with a little rain), however fear not when it comes to sweat patches. Our shirts are made with a light-weight material. They are the ideal garment to wear under blazers, used for layering or simply worn alone.

Whatever your preference when it comes to dressing for a wedding, Eversbrook will help you feel your true designer self. You’ll  look and feel your very best for the big day.

Layering is a great way to show off your style.

The style was spotted at the most recent UK men’s fashion week, according to this report on the event.

Casual layering

Layering can take place anywhere. If you’re looking for a casual look, wearing a shirt under a jumper gives your outfit a great accent – making you look smart, elegant and tasteful.

Eversbrook designer shirts are great for this look. They are fitted so there’s no need to worry about a baggy shirt finding it’s way out of your jumper. Our handmade clothes enable you to only ever look your best, made with you in mind.

Layering in the office

And when it comes to layering in the office, it’s simple. Again, try one of Eversbrook’s fitted shirts underneath one of our waistcoats and finally, top it off with a designer blazer.

For a classic look, choose our Abbot waistcoat in Charcoal, matched perfectly with the Oxted Blazer in Charcoal. With a blue fitted shirt underneath, this is an outfit that screams out class and sophistication.

Or for a more experimental look, take a look at our Abbot waistcoat in Burgundy and match with our Oxted Blazer Burgundy. And to complete the look, add a white fitted shirt underneath your blazer. As well as oozing style, this outfit shows you’re daring with your fashion, giving an edge to your work clothes.

Do it yourself

Even just adding one extra layer to your outfit can complete it. This simple trick can have you looking designer with ease. Now go out and layer away and impress the people around you.

Men’s fashion is growing and shows no signs of slowing down.

According to IBIS reports, growth in menswear has grown 17.4% between 2010 and 2015 and shows no signs of stopping, with them predicting an average sales growth of 14.2% in the years between 2015 and 2020.

Fashion has always been dominated by women, but we are witnesses to a big change in the business, as fashion-conscious men are seen to be outspending women. Especially when it comes to shoes – a big surprise to many people as shoes are stereotypically known for being loved by women.

Brief History

In 1994, the word metrosexual was coined together, used to describe men who groomed and cared about their appearance. The word was created as it was a rare thing for a man to obsess over fashion and the way they looked – it was seen as feminine.

Since then, menswear has come a long way. It has grown and grown and now most men will admit to grooming and caring about their appearance, as figures show.

It was a shock in the early 90’s, to see men who cared about their clothes, hair and overall appearance, but now it is a common thing to see and becomes more and more popular every day. Men’s clothes shops are booming and online sales are rapidly catching up with women’s.

Death of stereotypes

There’s always been the stereotype that women drag men around the shops. That men hate shopping and will stick any old t-shirt on. But perhaps with online shopping coming in to play, this is all changing.

For the men that hated walking around the shops, they can sit in the comfort of their own home and order. For the men that felt they had to follow society’s opinion: that men hate fashion, they can now order without the feeling of being judged.

Online shopping is a great opportunity for every man, no matter what their preferences. And it’s clearly making an impact as numbers are growing every year.

Menswear now

Men are seen to be shopping more than ever before; especially online. “Having shops online makes it so much easier. I found it an effort going out to pick out clothes so never really did. But now I pick my own clothes, all online. Life is easier now,” says Max Delaware.

With a growth in shopping, comes a growth in choice. As more people buy, more people are designing and creating online shops. You can buy off Instagram, Depop and Pintertest now. It’s hard to find somewhere where you can’t buy your favourite fashion pieces.

This all results in a wider choice of fashion for men.

Successful businesses are catching on to the phenomenon, like Eversbrook. They offer men’s fitted shirts, suit trousers, blazers and many other timeless classics.

Jay Bull, CEO of Eversbrook said: “According to Mintel, Menswear is set to reach £17.2 Billion by 2020 and online shopping is now easier than ever for men. This is good news for men’s fashion and great news for UK brands like Eversbrook.”

However, the blogging world and journalism classrooms are still dominated by females talking about fashion. Maybe this will take a turn and change. As 2017 seems to see more equilibrium in the world, maybe we will see even more of a growth for men in fashion.

Eversbrook fitted shirts compliment your shape and allow you to express your style with confidence.

They are designed and tailored to slim your waist and accentuate your waist – perfect for looking great on a night out as well as suave and sophisticated in work.

Apsley Fitted Shirts

This collection of shirts come in many colours, such as blue, white and lilac. Blue and white are your go-to colours when picking a shirt in the morning for work. Stick one of these designer, top-quality shirts on with your work trousers for a classic yet fashionable work look.

Our distinctive lilac colour is great for getting noticed for your true high-fashion self. If you’re off to the races or a wedding at the weekend, this is an ideal purchase – be assured to gain attention for all the right reasons.

This top even comes in a contrasting, two coloured luxury design. This slims your waist and highlights your chest even more. A shirt that makes you feel great as well as looking your best.

Carnaby Fitted Shirts

A one off design, with a unique four panel tailored fit that you will only find at Eversbrook. This collection is designed to compliment your shape, as well as our Apsley collection, preparing you for any occasion.

This shirt is designed with tradition in mind, so be confident that you’ll be turning heads in the right direction.

These top quality, luxury items are available in cream, white, blue and brown; all with accents of other colours on their hem lines and pockets to give you that real edge and detail.

There is no saying where you can’t wear one of Eversbrook’s exquisite, designer shirts. Be sure to add one of these original, traditional and sharp items to your collection.

You can never own too many pairs of jeans. They’re the easiest thing to pop on for every occasion. Work? Stick a shirt on with them. Casual day out? Pop on a t-shirt and your good to go. Whether it be a pair of skinny, straight leg or baggy jeans – you can’t have enough.

They need to be sturdy, top quality, comfy and simply need to look good. If you’re going to spend that much time wearing them, you might as well get the best pair you can.

So, this new year, treat yourself to a pair from Eversbrook’s finest collections.

You have the choice of three collections: Haddo, Shelton and Journeyman.


These ooze classic style, made with a light weight denim built to last. The material makes them perfect for that long day at work – no need to change afterwards either. Got plans after work? Still on another top and you’re set. Diverse, comfy and sophisticated. These jeans offer everything you need from a pair, and more.


A unique, stand out design. If you’re seeking to flaunt your individual style, these jeans are definitely for you. These top-quality designer jeans are made with fine Italian cotton mixed with elastane with your comfort, as well as your style, in mind.


Like the Shelton, these offer two tone contrasting design. Choose from burgundy with blue or charcoal and blue. These trousers will soon become the key item in your wardrobe – you’ll be itching to wear them. Again, the Journeyman are made with a mix of cotton and elastane that flexes when you move. Comfort, style and a unique style. Show your edgy side.

Jeans are a key item in everybody’s wardrobe, so picking the perfect pair is a big deal. All jeans made at Eversrbook are available in short, normal and long length – easy to find your perfect fit. All pairs are handmade in the UK with only the finest quality materials.

Have confidence that your jeans were made care, with you in mind.