We are a luxury menswear company based in England. All of our collection is 100% designed and made at our London Studio.

We are currently offering a range of designer items. Our Blazers come in both standard and slim fit and all material is made in England. We also offer a range of unique Chino's only available here from our online shop. Our fitted shirts and Jeans are also made in London and offered only through our online store. We also offer Suit trousers and shorts, Polo shirts, waistcoats, sweat pants and sweat shorts.

We are a made to order company. This means that when you place your order we make your item from scratch and ship it to you for free! None of our material goes to waste and each order is unique. We only carry a limited number of stock items.

We ship Worldwide and our customers are interested in smart, original design made by hand in England.

We offer a very high standard of craftmanship and make sure all of our items are long lasting. Our quality garments are made by hand and checked before shipping to guarantee each original, quality item is perfect.

Our designs and patterns all come to life right here in England and we actively seek out new and interesting changes to our collections.

Our prices are based on UK pricing for luxury original garments and we lower our prices whenever possible to offer the best prices to our customers.

Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you enjoy our original English garments for gentlemen.


What to wear at the races

Chester Races: Spotted

As I was wondering around Chester on the day of the races, I noticed all sorts of suits and different styles parading through the centre of the city. These were the most popular looks at this season of races:

Menswear Online Growth

The Growth of Menswear

Men’s fashion is growing and shows no signs of slowing down. According to IBIS reports, growth in menswear has grown 17.4% between 2010 and 2015 and shows no signs of stopping, with them predicting an average sales growth of 14.2% in the years between 2015 and 2020.

Summer shoot chinos and fitted shirt

Interview: The Model and The Shoot

Continuing from last week’s post, I caught up with our model from our recent shoot, Earl Ramsey. He’s worked with Eversbrook before, so it wasn’t his first time shooting with the designer menswear brand. This time, he appears wearing our UK made blazers in The Mews, a bar in Southend near to the pier. The contrast of the beach and our beautifully made, elegant blazers and chino's really helps you see the detail and true luxury of them.

Menswear UK Fitted Shirts

What shirt do I wear under my suit?

Black trousers - Going for black trousers makes picking a colour a lot easier. You can experiment a lot more as every colour will pair well – maybe even go all out with a pattern.

Menswear fashion Christmas 2017

Christmas Parties

Are you fretting over what to wear to your work’s Christmas party? Fret no more as Eversbrook are here as a helping hand.

8 Steps to Suit up

8 Steps to Suit Up

A step by step guide every suave man should follow to suit up, sharp. It may not be as easy as you think.

Mens Designer Fitted Shirts

Shirts: why pick one from Eversbrook?

Eversbrook fitted shirts compliment your shape and allow you to express your style with confidence.

Menswear Chinos Made in the UK

Why Wear Chinos?

There seems to be a negative outlook on chinos nowadays. After talking to a few men on the topic, it seems the trousers have lost their fans. Back in 2012, they were a huge fashion statement that every man owned. “I used to wear them in sixth form but not anymore,” says Jack from Chester. “I’ve never owned a pair and never will,” Jamie from Buckley said.

Accessorise your suit at Eversbrook

6 steps to accessorise your suit

So you know how to suit up, if you want a blazer, if you want to keep it classic with a waistcoat. Now, do you want to accessorise?